NOTE:  this information may be/probably is out of date. Check the Project Meshnet wikiEdit

This Node is managed by Dan Ryan, to peer with it contact him at This node is at 4241 Palatine Ave N 98103 & can have an antenna mounted 12ft above ground level, but at this location we have only roof & power access.

Potential ConnectionsEdit

This Node can Peer with Node Dan, it could potentially peer with Node Matthew, Node William & Node Justin.


Node Ian peers under the Pico Peering Agreement with a modification to the Local Amendments Section of the agreement.

All Radios & other equipment needed to create a link between Node Ian & another Node are to be paid for by the party that is attempting to create said connection. If the aformentioned connection becomes unreliable or otherwise untenable within 2 months of the creation of said link, the radio (if any radio was given to Node Ian for use in the link) that is used in the link will be returned to the party that attempted to create the link. After that 2 month period, the ownership of the radio will become Dan Ryan's unless otherwise agreed upon.