NOTE:  this information may be/probably is out of date. Check the Project Meshnet wikiEdit

To setup a Seattle Meshnet node, a few basic pieces of hardware and Software are recommended. We also encourage all nodes to connect up with other nodes who are part of Seattle Wireless


-2 Ubiquiti Nanostations, either an M5 or an M2 version depending on what the nodes near you are using.

-Gigabit switch, preferably a MikroTik RB 250GS or other reliable gigabit switch.

-Old computer, preferably with 500+Mhz Processor & 256+MB Ram

-Old Router (preferably one that can run tomato or openwrt)


-Set up linux on the old computer & run a copy of cjdns

-Install OpenWrt or Tomato on router & set the SSID to Seattle Meshnet